Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Inquiry reflection

I think our inquiry went really well because we got lots of our information into the movie and it is really easy to understand. But some of the bad things are that when we first started filming we were been silly and not that serious but then we improved and its now much better.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Living On The Ocean

By Sam
Team 14 October 2007

I think that in the year 3000 we should live in and on top of the sea. Most things we do will not pollute and we would be helping with the demand for land usage.

There are lots of fun things you can do just out your door like when you live on top of the water you can just walk out your door and go for a swim and there could be something to stop the sea creatures like sharks and lots more.

How would we get our electricity we would be able to get electricity from the seawater with a hydro plant. We would need more hydroelectricity for under water we could just make more hydro plants on top of the water for it to travel to this people underwater.

They would get there air from oxygen tanks and plant trees all over the town for oxygen.

Back on top of the water there are going to have helicopters and boats will take loads of stuff like food and mail and more to and from land.

We would get gas from land and it could travel ****through tubes under water. There could be different towns and cities and different kind of foods and sources.

We would get oil from under the ground just like everyone dose.

Years after the people start to live in and on top of the water there would start to have to build on it it and onto it so more people can live there. But if there is no more room. Still leaving space for the animals in the sea lots of space. We could start to build somewhere else like space, clouds and underground. The city on top of the water and under the towns will be like normal towns like chch with universities, parks, zoos, supermarkets, libraries, hotels, markets, banks, newspaper companies, movies, bike tracks, paintball, go-carts, cars and ships, cruises, farms, forests, lakes, rivers, skate parks, gyms, sports areas, stadiums, studios, pet shops, music lessens, restaurants, neighbourhoods, churches, camping sights.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Key Competencies reflection

I have improved in.

Responsible risk taker-
I have tried out for more things that I would not of tried out for last year.

Conferdence-This year have impproved my conferdence in front of the class. I have inproved on my writing because they make more sence and they are longer most are at least 2 pages.

Flexible- I don't have things my way all the time. I let people say their ideas and use their ideas not all my ideas.

Participaters and Contributors-I participate in lots of things and I participate in lots of games sports and more.

Goal Setter- I am setting my goals much then at the start of the year i am useing the the S.M.A.R.T goal

Maths- I think that I have improved in my maths because last year I came to this school and I started in the lowest maths group now this year im in the top class but not top group but I think I have still improved

Self motivated- I am improving in beeing more self motivated because I have been trying to finish things I need to finish without been asked and i am working through lunch time.

Ralating to others-
Over the last two terms I have been not shy and joining in with lots of people and trying out lots more.

Self responsible- I am more self responsible because I am looking after my stuff and not forgetting anything normally.

Competes responsibly-
I like to win sports and games but dont cheat or not play fair and like to have fun.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Term Four Goals

Goal 1: I think that I need to concentrete more in class.
I will achive this by maby not allways sitting with my friends.
I will try to achive this goal by the end of the year.
I will know when I have finished this goal when im getting more work done.

Personal goal 2: My personal goal is to get a faster bowl.
I willl achive this by going to school after school with dad and my family.
My deadline for this goal is the end of the season.
I will know I have achived this when im bowling faster and people are finding it harder to hit my bowls.

Goal 2: My second goal is to to put a bit more effort in my homelearning.
I will achive this by going into a room on my own and take more time on each thing.
I will give me till the end of the year to try to achine this goal.
I will know I have achived this goal when Rob and Claire are comenting on how my work has inproved.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Speech Evaluation

I think that I did not do the best that i could.
I think that mine was a bit to short and I spoke to fast because sometimes at home i did it in 2 mins and 45 seconds. I think I could practise more because I spoke to fast as I said.Plus I could of spoke more confidently.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Term Three Goal evaluations

1.My first goal is to concentrate more when I am working at my desk.

Will achieve this by trying not to talk to people when I am at my desk and do not get distracted easy.

I will know I have achieved this when I am getting a lot more work done.

I will check my books at the end of the term I will check my books to the start of the term and see if I gave wrote more and make more sence.

I think i have achived this quite well but I could be better so I think I am in the middle of achiving it or not. I think I could try work on this a bit mor

2.Personal goal.
My personal goal is to get better and faster at rugby and tackling.

I will achieve this by going to the park with my friends or family and kicks and tackles and ECT.

I will know I have achieved this when I am tackling and running faster to rucks and malls.

At the end of the term I will get my dad to watch me and see if I am getting to the rucks and malls faster and tackling more.

I think I did achive this goal because i have been playing rugby with dad and my brothers more and at the rugby games im getting to the rucks and malls quicker and tackling more.

3.My goal is to get neater and link more I my writing.

I will achieve this by taking more time when I am writing.

I will know have achieved this when Rob and Claire and other teachers can read my

At the end of the term I will check my books and compare my writing at the start of the year and check if its much neater and lots more linking.

I think i achived this half because I am writing more but linking that much

so i think i willl still need to work on my linking.